Trackable and helpful stickers for your favourite things

Receive daily reminders from your things in your companion app

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How they work

Stick touchables onto your favorite things

Let touchables tell you when it's time

Tap a touchable after it's done

All is well in the green zone

Track your things and find them easily

and keep a history

If you want to, touchables will also tell friends

By email or in-app

Meet the touchables







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Solid tech

touchables is backed by Veridian Lab's tech for highly scalable and performant Consumer M2M systems.

Secure and Robust

Uses end-to-end Encryption on ISO/IEC 27001 architecture.


Implements flexible sensor-to-person mapping.

Persistent Sensorcloud

Allows secure access and sync from several devices

Flexible Usecases

Supports a huge usecase portfolio of 50+ usecases.


Is scalable to millions and billions of sensors and users.

More Features

Supports many more professional features including timekeeping and group hierarchies.

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